Industrial Washing Machines (IWM) is delighted to announce that a brand new customer portal will be launched very soon. This is part of the company’s mission to enhance the customer journey and improve the website and its offerings. The customer portal has been expertly designed to provide a seamless experience for customers.

As one of the country’s leading manufacturers of industrial washing machines, the company works with thousands of customers and their businesses each year. Data plays a pivotal role in both first-time and repeat custom for IWM Ltd. The company has expanded year on year. Therefore, it has become apparent that a new way to file and transmit data between the company and its customers was needed. Alongside this, the company has been keen to keep up with the every-growing digital world. This is in order to remain competitive in an industry that has become more in demand than ever before.

Providing a hassle-free experience for customers new and old has been at the forefront of this roadmap. We hope that the brand new customer portal will demonstrate the company’s commitment to making things as convenient as possible for its customers.

Information Hubs Bespoke To Each Customer

As mentioned above, Industrial Washing Machines Ltd is keen to ensure they can offer the best customer service and experience every time. It’s safe to say that we are a busy society. So, not all of us necessarily have the time to spend calling and emailing for information on a specific product or part.

So what if the information often required by customers was accessible at the click of a button?  We’ve made lots of important documentation – that customers commonly require – available on the portal. This is in order to combat time constraints, opening times, and the general business of life. Customers will be able to make their own personal account. Consequently, by doing so, can gain access to information such as CAD drawings, videos and spare parts lists.

What Does This Mean For Customers? 

This bespoke informational hub for them and their business means that finding the relevant information has never been easier. Gone are the days of needing to trawl through hundreds of emails or having to call up to explain what information you need. Customers will also be able to request services for each machine on site. In addition, they can suggest dates that are suitable for their convenience. Acting as an online filing cabinet, the portal stores all of the servicing information in a simple and easily accessible way. Therefore, customers can log on and view it whenever it is most convenient for them.

What’s Next?

IWM’s new customer portal is due to launch 28th January 2022. However, the company will continue tweaking the app based on customer feedback, to ensure it delivers on convenience and efficiency. Over the next twelve months, IWM hopes to continue expanding on the technical developments depending on what the business and its customers need. But, one thing is for sure: customer satisfaction will be at the heart of every step taken.

For more information on IWM and its services and products, explore the website today, or call +44 (0) 121 459 9511 to speak to a member of their helpful and friendly team.